Sauteed Fennel–YUM!

I’ve always seen fennel bulbs in the produce section of the grocery store and had no idea what one would do with them.  I finally bought some bulbs and played around with sauteing them, and its delicious!

You will need:

4 med fennel bulbs

Olive Oil



White Wine vinegar

Vegetable or Chicken Stock

A Lemon

First, check out this video on how to Clean and Cut Fennel.  Cut the Fennel into quarters.

Once you have prepared the fennel heat about 4 tablespoons olive oil in a large saucepan over medium head.  Once the oil is hot add the fennel quarters.  Cook on each side from about 10 mins then flip them, repeat until they are golden brown all around.  Once they are browned remove them from the oil and set them aside.

Keep the oil, and add 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tsp. rosemary, 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar, 1 cup stock.  Bring to a simmer, scrapping off any of the browned bits in the bottom of the pan and stirring them into the mixture.  Add the fennel bulbs again.  Cook covered for 25-30 mins over med heat or until soft and tender.

Serve warm as a side dish, or cool as a salad.


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