Growing up in western Wisconsin I was surrounded by European traditions carried on in strange ways by second, third, fourth generation Americans who still identify with their heritage.  Oktoberfest was always one of those things. This year we decided to go to Oktoberfest in Los Angeles, which is actually at Alpine Village in Torrance. Alpine Village is a totally strange place that sells German and Scandinavian stuff all year long and they have a flea market in their huge parking lot every weekend. Well for Oktoberfest they put up a huge tent in that parking lot with a stage, picnic tables, beer dispensers and a food stand. This year their hired the cheesiest “German” band to play with a very strange Emcee that said “und” instead of and. They only served Spaten and Budweiser and the food selection was: Polish Sausage, Bratwurst or Chicken. This was nothing at all like the Oktoberfests of the midwest, but it was still fun enough. After the third round of the chicken dance we decided to head home, but not before trying out these beauties:


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