6 weeks @ 1200 calories

Week 1, Day 1

Although I had every intention of waking up at 6:30 this morning (I did actually get up and get a glass of water but then went back to bed) I didn’t roll out of bed until about 9:40! Ekk. I am supposed to be “ramping up” my work time because I am taking on some extra gigs for some extra cash, but alas I am already behind.
First thing–I made coffee, my usual routine. Put coffee on, read emails, troll facebook, twitter, and read NYTimes online. I SHOULD always eat breakfast during this process, but so many days I just end up getting mesmerized by the computer, I forget about breakfast and the next thing I know its lunchtime. Well I didnt quite do that today. Around 11am I realized that I hadn’t eaten breakfast and I took a break and ate a bowl of Trader Joes Soy and Flax Clusters and Skim Milk–one cup of each. I am also trying to make sure that I take my vitamins everyday so I took a multivitamin, a bone strength pill, some oregano, a vitamin B complex, and two Ginkgo pills with my cereal and coffee.

Coffee with a splash of skim milk–10 cals
Soy and Flax Clusters with Skim Milk–280 cals


Lunch 1:45 PM

Half of Siam Salad from Mixt Greens: 270 calories–check out this review of it.

Snack:  busy afternoon didnt end up eating a snack

drank 1/2 of a bottle of Coke Zero

Dinner 6PM

Trader Joe’s Chile Relleno–350 cals

Glass of Water

The Chile Relleno has 18g of fat and 11g of Saturated fat– which is A LOT, but somehow it only has 350 calories, it’s actually still really bad for you–this might have to become my naughty treat meal during this 6 weeks of 1200 cals.

Ok, off to the gym!

Finishing off the night with a (small) glass of red wine!  and that’s my first day of 1200 calories!


2 thoughts on “6 weeks @ 1200 calories

  1. Erin

    Way to go guys! When y’all told me about this back at NYE in Vegas, I thought it sounded crazy, but it planted the seed that helped me out last year. Now I’m where you are, constantly trying to get back on the wagon :-/ But maybe I will try along with yall for 6 weeks! we can trade recipes 🙂

    Speaking of recipes, I saw your older post about the trouble with cooking- try this link, it’s great! Just copy and paste the recipe in (or write it out) and it does all the looking up and math for you. http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/recipe_analysis.php?cf03388EF1=2189607C1!MjEwMDQxNTMxOmNvcnByYWRpdXNzc286CyhrQS1YBUMxjp6eC4iBlg==

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