6 weeks @ 1200 calories

Week 1, Day 3


9AM–coffee with a splash of milk 10 cals–thats a pic of my fav coffee mug on the right–>

Erin, Me, and Martina circa 2006

I did that thing again where I forget to eat breakfast. . .I was updating the blog and working on one of my side gigs for $$ and the next thing I knew it was 11:55AM so I just had a morning snack.

SNACK: Banana 105 Cals


1:30PM –bowl of Trader Joe’s Organic Tomato Bisque soup –1 Serving–130 cals

1 Trader Joe’s Chicken and Cheese Tamale–120 cals

Snack: Apple 80 cals

5:30PM My stomach is growling, and its very loud. . .but I have to hold out because we are going to free cocktails and h’ orderves at the Beverly Hilton tonight and I cant possibly not take advantage of that. . .I guess I will drink more water.


Do cocktails and h’ orderves count as dinner?  I would normally eat before such an occasion, something light but I would still eat.  What does everyone else do when they know they are going to face two hours of cocktails and h’ orderves from 7-9pm?  To eat dinner or not to eat dinner?

Here’s what I consumed:  I’m calling this 500 calories, I really have no idea how many calories it would be, but 500 seems fair. Plus I had a glass of wine about 150 cals worth. So the grand TOTAL is. . .1095 and I dont feel like I’m going to die. Amazing!

For the future of this six weeks I need to incorporate foods that have more nutrient density in them or else my hair is going to start to fall out!  Here’s some stuff that I checked out while I was writing this post. . .Finding the best diet for you. I also accidentally stumbled upon all of these “pro-ana” thats pro-anorexia websites which I refuse to repost here and am freaked out by the fact that my internet searches are turning up such things!


3 thoughts on “6 weeks @ 1200 calories

  1. Martina

    1) that soup looks really yummy! does it come in a can or box? Is it a mix?
    2) cocktails and hors doeuvres from 7-9 is SO L.A. anywhere else in the world that would be more of a 6-8 function so we can eat actual DINNER.
    3) i’m really disturbed by the fact that there are pro-ana websites. weird.
    4) awesome coffee mug

  2. Erin

    Agreed, great mug. I think with 7-9 cocktails I would have eaten a small dinner before hand and noshed a little there. But I eat lunch at like 11:30 usually so I can’t really make it 8 hours til dinner!

    I’m a little confused, are you trying to stay UNDER 1200 cals? Isn’t that the min recommendation?

  3. foodiehanna

    @Martina–The soup comes in a can, its Low Sodium. I dont like the boxed tomato soup from TJs as much as I like this one.

    @Erin–well I was/am going for 1200 and I hadnt thought about giving myself a margin of error, which I now realize that I will have every day. I think Im just going to see what I end up doing and write it down. I’m guessing that in the end I will probably come out even if I try for 1200 each day, but we will find out if I’m right.

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