6 weeks @ 1200 calories

Week 1, Day 5

9AM Coffee with a splash of milk 10 cals

Trader Joe’s Soy and Flax Clusters with Skim Milk 280 cals

12Pm SNACK Banana 105 cals

1:30PM Lunch–I think that this was the yummiest meal I have had all week–Trader Joe’s Mango, Quinoa, and Chicken Salad–OMG soooooo good, and the best part is that  its A LOT of food and its super low-cal  @240 cals with the dressing!

I also sort of cheated and got a Diet Cherry Pepsi when I was out running errands (buying this month’s mags with foodie pieces in them: Unte, Ms. and Harpers) 0 cals but still cheating

3:30 Snack–Wasa Light Rye Crispbread 30 cals

I started feeling tired/crabby/lightheaded around 4:30 so I had a Trader Joe’s Chicken and Cheese Tamale 130 cals.

Tonight we are joining neighborhood friends for a special Sukkot Shabat dinner, its a potluck and we are brining Kosher wine, not sure what else will be there and I wont really be able to know for sure how many calories are in the dishes, but I will estimate the dinner total anyway… I’m going to say, between the food, the wine, and the challah that it was 1500 calories alone.

Making today’s total 2, 295 a total and utter bust.


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