6 weeks @ 1200 calories

Week 1, Day 6

So today is an odd Saturday for me because I am spending most of the day taking photos at a friend of a friend’s bridal shower in Covina.  I dabble in photography and I enjoy showing my photos from my travels in shows around the city, but I dont usually do events like this–this is actually my first paid gig like this, so I am kind of nervous.  I slept in as late as I could and then got ready to drive across LA, luckily I left early enough to beat the traffic.  In the car on the way I ate “breakfast”–

10:30 AM–Kelloggs Bar–130cals, coffee with splash of milk 20cals for an AM total of 150 cals

2pm Lunch–Build your own sandwiches at the Bridal Shower–all from Albertson’s so that made looking up the calories easy, I had 2 mini crossants @ 220 each, 2 slices cheese 110 each, 2 pieces ham–46 each, lettuce–5 cals, making the total for the sandwiches 711 cals plus 1/4 macaroni salad @ 150 cals and for dessert 2 mini cupcakes @100 cals each..  So the lunch total was 961 cals

1100 calories and its not even dinner time, uh oh. . .after the shower I headed straight to Silverlake for my awesomest friend’s birthday party. I started out with water but soon switched to beers. . .I’m going to keep a running tab of them below. . . weekends are hard 🙂

6PM 1 Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale–185 cals

1 Sam Adam’s Summer Ale–160

2 slices of pizza from Tomato Pie Pizza which doesnt post nutrition information, so I am going to guess 350 each.

2 yogurt pretzels —50 cals

1 Amstel Light-93

1 Fat Tire-162 cals

Total for the day: 2461 calories and very little nutrients!


One thought on “6 weeks @ 1200 calories

  1. Martina

    maybe your photo taking activity gives you a pass? also, did not know that amstel was so low in calories. i will consider that the next time i am leaning toward a tasty boulder microbrew.

    p.s. James and I had Snarf’s (http://www.eatsnarfs.com/) last night. I had an artichoke and bacon sandwich; I dont even want to think about how many calories it contained! Tasty stuff though.

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