6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 2, Day 2/Day 9


8:00AM Coffee with splash of milk and a Kellogg’s Fiber Plus bar–for a total of 160

12:30 Major craving for beef, so I decided to have steak tibs for lunch. I cooked them in the skillet with a drizzle of Worcestershire Sauce and some Lawry’s Seasoning Salt and pepper, so good! Its 180 cals for 4 oz serving–I had two servings for 360 cals…Sorry vegetarians

1:30 Bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup 120 cals

Its super super hot in LA this week–its 91 degrees in the house right now, so I am a little crazy to eat hot soup, but I really wanted it.  I also cant stand working on my laptop right now because it is so hot too.  I decided to leave the house and go sit in the A/C somewhere other than Starbucks, which I am so sick of, so I spent the afternoon in a lovely little cafe called “Caffe Late” on Wilshire.  It was lovely, I had iced black coffee with no milk @ 10 cals

3pm SNACK 1 serving of low fat cottage cheese 90 cals

5pm Snack –1 banana 105 cals

Went to the gym for an hour and a half at 6pm, got home around 8:45 and had a cup of rice and a cup of these delicious french lentils that I made last week–will share the recipe in a later post–for a total of 346 cals. I also had a small glass of white wine to wash it down for 100 cals making the day’s total 1291 calories.


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