6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 2, Day 3/Day 10

I had my breakfast/morning coffee at It’s a Grind in Westwood, I was going to go to Profetta, which I love love love but they recently covered up all of their electrical outlets and my computer battery is becoming weaker and weaker, so I decided to forgo good coffee for productive potential.  I had a Kellogg’s Fiber Plus bar and I realized that I forgot to bring my snacks with me today, luckily It’s A Grind is right next to Trader Joe’s so I can pop over and pick up whatever I need over there. So the bar plus the coffee is 160 total for breakfast.

I also realized that I need to start eating more earlier in the day and stop eating about 1/3 of my daily calories after 8pm.  Its hard though because I think I get scared so I stop eating so that I can make sure I can still eat something at night.  Now that I have been doing this for 10 days though, I think I am starting to figure some things out–by the end I will have an ideal minute by minute schedule laid out for myself.  But even though I realize what I should be doing I doubt I will actually just be able to implement it.

I had lunch with a friend in Westwood. . .we elected to eat at Whole Foods, which I know is a really strange place to meet someone for lunch but its actually a relatively cheap option in the area and its good food, which is super rare.  I had about 2 cups of lettuce, spinach and kale –which gets one of the highest scores on the ANDI scale–with one hard boiled egg, one heart of palm, about 1/4 cup cabbage, a sprinkling of carrot shavings and a few onion slices.  So thats like 20 calories for the greens, 70 for the egg, 10 for the hearts of palm, and 6 for the cabbage and say 5 for the carrot and onion, plus I had about a tbsp of the balsamic dressing which is about 50 cals, so in total the salad was about 160 calories.

Then came the dreaded department “welcome back” reception where one of my lovely cohort members divulged that she has been following this blog 😉 These things are terrible for the calorie counter, its so hard to know what you are eating!  I had a slice of bread with some duck pate on it–and American duck pate is sooooooo much better than Cuban pork liver pate–which I later found out is on this dieter website of French foods to AVOID because it has 260 calories for 2 OZ!!!!! Who knew!?  I also have no idea what an oz is when I think in terms of “reasonable-amount-to-spread” quantities, so I will say I had 1/4 oz for 32 calories plus the bread for 50 cals.  Then a friend took a glass of prosecco before remember that she cant drink right now, so I took it for her @ 50 cals, and I had 5 strawberries and a hand full of grapes for 65 cals.  So the afternoon’s total was 198 calories which doesnt sound so bad except that I did not feel full at all.  An hour later I went back to Whole Foods for more snacks–a Whole Foods brand organic lemon yogurt @ 140 cals and two sheets of seaweed @ 10 each.  Adding another 160 to my afternoon, it seems to be my magic number today.

On the way home I was awestruck by a sudden rain shower and this baby:

Well I didnt see it from that angle, in fact I think that my view of it was even better than this, but you get the idea.  THe more important point is that the rain and subsequent rainbow inspired me to skip the gym, which is lovely.

Dinner was Trader Joe’s pre marinated Mahi Mahi, corn, and the french lentil dish from  the other day for an even 400 calorie dinner followed by a glass of white wine @ 150 cals making the day’s total 1228 calories.


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