6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 2, Day 6/Day 13

AM started out with some black coffee and a FiberOne bar for breakfast on the way out to Joshua Tree for camping. . .the ride took a little longer than we anticipated so we had to stop for some tacos from Jack in the Box they actually consider two tacos to be a serving and two tacos have 384 calories. . .I would have guessed that they had more, honestly.  So the AM total was 534 calories.

Once we got the fire going we roasted some hot dogs–and with the buns and a squirt of katsup I had two at 275 calories each–aka 550 calories.

Campfire dinner was grilled milanesa steaks with roasted green peppers, grilled onions wrapped in tortillas for about 250 calories. So the day would have been OK calorie wise had I not finished off the night with about–and I say about because I am not sure– 12-15 bud lights. . .which have 110 calories each, so say 1500 for the beer alone, making the day’s total a ridiculous 2834 calories. But hey, its camping, that’s what you do right?


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