6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 3, Day 1/Day 15

AM–Back to the car dealership this morning, luckily they were out of donuts this time–thank god!  I still got free coffee though @ 10 cals.  I had a FiberOne bar while waiting for 140 cals. So thats 150 cals for the morning.

Around 10:30 I had half an apple with about a tablespoon of cheese melted over the slices as a snack (God I love cheese) for 80 cals.

I couldnt resist a craving for a sub sandwich today, I really love sandwiches–its one thing I miss most from the east coast–sandwiches are generally better out there.  Since I was on Beverly Dr. I decided to give in and get the student special at Jersey Mikes–$7 for a sandwich, chips, and a drink.  I got the Jersey Shore’s Favorite and had him cut it in half–I ate half around 12pm and then the other half around 2:30pm.  The sandwich has 570 cals total and then the bag of Baked Lays added another 130 calories, but the good thing is I was really really full from eating these delicious 700 calories throughout the afternoon.

I made my own version of Ratatouille in the afternoon and had a small bowl of it after going to the gym, its probably about 150 calories a cup–will share the recipe later this week or early next week.


Then my roommate came home and offered me a See’s candy Toffe Almond thingy–I couldnt resist–only after the fact did I look at the can and see that it was 90 calories for a tiny piece.  So that makes 1170 for the day!


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