6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 2, Day 7/Day 14

AM–camping coffee–YUM

It rained in the night so we had to forgo campfire breakfast for propane stove breakfast–scrambled eggs with some of the left over onion and green pepper from last night, with hot dog bits, wrapped in a tortilla which should be about 300 calories.

Lunch was a little more complicated. . .we didnt actually eat a proper lunch, so I had like a handful of chips, a quarter of a bag of beef jerky, some Chex mix, and a diet soda. I’m going to estimate 300 calories, since it really wasnt much food and I was pretty hungry all afternoon.

On the way back into LA I got an Americano at Intelligencia it was amazing and the only reason that I made it through the rest of the day.  Before heading home we had some of a California Pizza Kitchen Garlic Chicken Pizza, about a servings worth which they estimate to be 240 calories and I kind of dont believe it because it was so greasy.

Then it was off to another Silverlake friend’s Peach picking and cobbler making birthday dinner party, where I had a serving of some very yummy fresh peach cobbler and a small glass of the mystery punch they were serving that was supposedly Martha Washington’s recipe–check out this version here. I think between the cobbler and the punch I probably downed another 500 calories, but it was well worth trying out the new yummy dishes and spending some time with quality company.  So that’s 1340 for the day, not too shabby but still over 12oo cals 😦


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