6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 3, Day 2/Day 16

8:30 AM–One fried egg (organic, cage free) for 90 cals and one Morning Star Meatless Sausage patty with maple syrup flavor 80 cals as we were eating I was rejoicing the yumminess of the organic cage free egg, since the last dozen of eggs we got were just regular eggs and the organic cage free ones taste so much better.  As I was thinking this my partner lamented that the deliciousness of the meatless patties was tainted by the creepy thoughts of how those babies are made and what the hell they are made out of.  So we decided that I get to be in charge of our next 6 week challenge–which we will start after the cruise–and it will be 6 weeks of no processed foods/minimally processed foods complete with farmers markets and everything!  Its going to be fun.  I also have to keep it low cal and low budget, so its going to be a challenge, especially since I get really out of control in those kinds of food buying situations.

I got my coffee in Westwood at Peet’s and I had an apple around 10AM as a snack @ 70 cals.

I was supposed to have a lunch date, but they didnt show, so I waited around for a while and then ended up getting a small salad at the UCLA student center.  I put lettuce, spinach, carrot shavings, onions, cabbage, and artichoke hearts in it and opted out of the dressing, I think it was about 150 calories.

My afternoon got really crazy– I ended up running back and forth across campus ten times, literally ten times.  I had my other snack–a V8 mini can while on one of those runs @ 30cals. Then during my afternoon meeting I had a Chai Latte, it was sooooo good.  Clearly very sugary, its another 150 cals.

After a crazy afternoon on campus I ended up hurrying to my Tuesday evening date night to see The Social Network. I had to grab dinner and the Century City food court–I opted for the Penang Bowl at Take A Bao. Unfortunately, I once again ended up eating somewhere that doesnt publish nutrition information, which I really thought was illegal now but I guess not.  In any case I only ate about a quarter of it because it was a huge serving and there is no way it was more than 600 calories and I am bursting at the seams so with that I will call it a night at 1170 cals.


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