6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 3, Day 4/ Day 18

I was up bright and early to head to LAX for my flight to Toronto.  I  had a cup of coffee–black–before I left the house and my partner made me an awesome breakfast–an egg and a TJ maple flavored meatless sausage patty, so I was off to a good start @ 170 cals.

I decided to pack my own lunch for the plan since I wasnt sure what would be offered on the flight to Toronto.  I packed a half a cup of rice with a cup of my ratatoulli and a half cup of some sauteed mushrooms that I made the night before.  Sometimes I have trouble getting mushy foods through security due to the no liquids or gels thing, but I figured this stuff was solid enough that they would let me through.  I also packed some Trader Joes “So This Fig walked into a Bar” bars and a pack of Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks just in case.

On the plane, when the beverage service came through I got a Tomato juice, which is a great nutritious snack that you can get for FREE on airplanes still @ 70 cals. A few hours into the flight I ate my lunch that I packed which in total was about 250 calories. I’m not sure whether I was still hungry or just bored but I ate a bar and the seaweed snack before we got off the plane as well for another 200 calories together.  When the second drink service came around I got a Diet Coke to give myself a little energy for the bus/subway ride into downtown Toronto.

My hotel was recommended by my Aunt so I didnt look into it too much before I went, but I was a little shocked to see that it was clearly an old dorm and had it not been in Canada I would have probably been scared to stay there.  When it was all said and done though it was a pretty nice place for the price (80 canadian a night sounds outrageous for what I got, but it was way cheaper than any other options).  As soon as I got to my room I felt like I wanted to get out, so I walked up Queen street to check out what was around the area.  On my walk I had the sudden urge to have some genuinely Canadian dish for “dinner” and I settled on Poutine which the internet tells me I should estimate to be 600 cals, I only ate half though @300 cals with a Canadian Moltsen Beer @100 cals. Making the day’s total 1090 cals.


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