6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 3, Day 5/Day 19

I had every intention to get up and go for a run around the lovely Alexandra Park, which my hotel overlooks this morning.  In fact I got up early enough (about 6:50) to catch a beautiful sunrise over the big space needle Toronto’s CN tower, but then I laid back down and before I knew it it was 9AM already. Here’s the view from my room:


I had a Trader Joe’s This Fig Walked Into a Bar bar @ 130 cals and grabbed some of the hotel’s free coffee from downstairs.  I decided to walk the 15 blocks to the conference hotel rather than get on the street car–the TTC street cars here are so cute though!  About halfway through my walk I realized that a) I love this city and b) I needed more coffee–so I stopped into the local “Second Cup” shop and got a small drip coffee.  It was just OK, but I NEEDED it! No splash of milk today because they were out and I was too impatient to wait for it.

I realized on my walk over that I have been attending academic conferences for 7 years now, to me that sounds like a lot, but probably to most academics thats nothing.  I feel like I might be getting tired of conferences which is scary because I have a looooong way to go still.  I registered and immediately spotted the “complimentary coffee break” hosted by Ian Randle publishers. . .guess who was standing next to me as I filled my THIRD coffee in less than an hour–Ian Randle himself!  I totally did a double take.

After .5 conference sessions I already felt like I had to get out of the hotel, so I bolted.  As I was walking toward the lake I noticed that there are far less food establishments in Toronto than there would be in an American city of the same size or even smaller.  I went several blocks without a single coffee shop, restaurant, or even a sign advertising either–can you image this happening in an American city?

After walking almost as far as the lake I spotted a sign that said “Food Court” and entered, I had to go down into the basement and there were 4-5 different food vendors–the only American place was Subway (They’re EVERYWHERE) there was also a Tim Horton’s which is this Canadian chain that seems kind of like 7-11 or Wawa, or maybe it has no US equivalent, but in any case I decided NOT to eat there and went with the Greek place–a salad and a gyro wrap thingy.

I ate this in two rounds, one after I walked back to the conference and still was not motivated to go to any sessions and the second round around 3:30 when I was really hungry because its lunchtime in LA.  The salad, which i got without dressing had virtually no calories it was mostly iceberg lettuce and three tomatoes which I didnt eat because they were bad–so I’ll say 15 calories for the iceberg, which I actually ate all of.  Then there is the actual gyro, which honestly God only knows how many calories were in that baby, but Pita Bread like Tortillas is tricky (Rumor is that Subway pita wraps actually have more cals than real bread)  so I will go with the online estimate of 500 calories for the wrap. I’m disappointed because I honestly thought it would be much less than that, maybe I should have just gone to Subway 😦

After my talk a lovely lovely lovely colleague who has a JOB treated me to drinks and appetizers all evening, its a good thing because Toronto is expensive and the unfavorable exchange rate for US dollar carriers makes it even worse.  I had 2 Tom Collins @ 150 cals each and a “Moosehead” Canadian Beer  @ 153  for a total of 453 alcohol calories along with 3 cream cheese filled mushrooms 150 calories for those babies, and 3 slices of cheese (150 for those)  with two pieces of french bread (100 total because they were small). That was a LOT of calories and very little substance!

11PM Toronto Time — 1 Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack pack  60 cals after eating all those empty calories I was still hungry, plus it was dinner time in LA so I had a late night snack putting me at 1543 cals for the day.  Damn, I thought this might have been my week of all 1200 calorie days.  Oh well, at least it was less than 2000.


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