6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 3, Day 6/Day 20

Back to LA tonight, so I decided to spend as much time out and about in Toronto as I could.  After checking out of my hotel I walked through the nearby neighborhood and looked at the back and front-yard gardens all around.  What a neat neighborhood! Unfortunately I didnt snap any photos.  After walking through the neighborhood I wandered into the Original Motorcycle Cafe which lured me in with their offer of a free smoothie with any brunch menu item.  I am a sucker for free stuff.

I decided on the traditional breakfast for $5.99 super cheap for Toronto which came with two eggs (fried) 3 slices of deli ham, toast and home fries.  Plus the free smoothie and a fruit garnish.

So I didnt eat the homefries and I only had on slice of the multigrain toast, so I am going to estimate that this would be 575 total plus I will throw in another 50 for the restaurant grill grease that makes this stuff so yummy making it 625 cals for brunch.

After some more wandering I decided to head to the conference hotel bar to catch up on some work and see if I might run into anyone else headed to the airport that might want to share a cab.  I ran into one of my professors at the hotel bar and she invited me to dine with her and her colleagues–so I had another coffee and a cup of Thai Chicken Curry Soup @ 150 cals even though I wasnt really hungry just so that I wasnt the only one that wasnt eating. . .this must be another skinny people strategy that I have picked up.  Everyone else at the table ordered the quesadilla because they had figured out that it was the best bang for your buck, at 7 canadian dollars a pop the soup was not the best monetary option for sure!.

After a very long line at the airport I was headed back to LA.  During my 5 hour flight I pretty much had the same snacks that I had on the way there–a pack of Roasted Seaweed @ 60 cals, a can of V8 @ 70 cals, and a fig bar @ 130 cals.  I was so exhausted after the trip that when I got home I cracked open a beer @ 110 cals and fell asleep.  The total calories for the day was 1145.


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