6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 3, Day 7/Day 21

I cant believe I am halfway through!~  I am finally figuring my way around this 1200 calorie thing and sometimes I feel like its not that bad until I go out to eat with two friends and drool over their burgers and mac and cheese that is (you know who you are!) So jealous!  Man week 7 I am going to grub like the fattest fat kid ever.  and yes I am already making a list of what I am going to eat that week.

So today I slept in after the long travel day yesterday, I was awakened by a phone call from my mom and as I talked to her I made a cup of Intelligencia coffee, and drank it with a bowl of Joe’s Os with Lactaid skim milk for 155 cals. A few hours later I decided to try this canned Lobster Bisque that we picked up at Albertson’s on an impulse buy:

It was totally indedible, I had to throw it out.  In fact unbeknownst to me at the time my partner had done the exact same thing with another can of this the day before.  Do not buy this, yuck!

So I made these udon noodles that we bought for camping but never ate:

These noodles were double yuck, again I had to throw them out.  I’m still going to estimate that I had about 70 cals from the little that I did eat of these, especially since the bisque is pretty high cal.  So sad, but so necessary.  So I just had some cottage cheese and a cup of TJs chocolate yogurt instead for 220 cals :

A few hours later we went to our favorite local gay bar The Abbey to meet up with some lovely friends for something to eat and drinks–P.S. I think its hilarious and awesome that when you google the words “The Abbey” this gay bar is the first hit–as it should be since it was voted best gay bar in the WORLD!  When we got there we got really lucky and got a big booth in the back–I ordered a gin and tonic–I asked for diet tonic but they didnt have any.  To eat I had the Steak Salad–no cheese, no bacon, no avocado, dressing on the side–OMG I have become those people who order food without any food in it.  Still the salad had lettuce, tomatoes, steak, and onions and it was really good.  I am going to estimate that it was 250 calories plus 10 for the taste of avocado that I stole from my boo. After I finished the salad I had another gin and tonic, making the evening’s total about 620 cals. But to be honest, I wasnt really full from the meal.  On the way home we were soooooo tempted to get something at Norms–we even went in and used the bathroom but then decided to be good and just go home.  I went straight to bed, so tired.  Day’s total: 1065 calories.


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