6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 4, Day 3/ Day 24

Just when I think I am getting a hang of this, today comes along. . .  I had to get up early because I had to take the other car to the mechanic in the South Bay–so I made my coffee and had the usual fried egg with a meatless sausage patty for 170 cals. Then I set out for the long drive.  When I arrived at the mechanic, he said it would be two hours and suggested that I walk to a nearby restaurant to pass the time–my choices were Yoshinoya, Del Taco, or this place called Spires. Well, I absolutely love diners, although I felt guilty about cheating on Norms or Nicks, but I decided to try Spires thinking maybe I could get a salad, or just drink coffee while I waited.  So I ordered a coffee and opened up my little laptop to use the Free WiFi that they advertise, and she plopped a menu in front of me.  The pictures of cheese melted over various meats was just too much to take, I broke down and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich–no fries, sub fruit cup. MAN was it DELICIOUS! I savored every last bite, licked my fingers, and thought about liking the crumbs and grease off the plate (but I didnt).


the love of my life


Then the shame, sadness, fear, desire to crawl under the sticky booth I was sitting in all set in–it was only 10AM and I had already consumed nearly 600 calories!  I thought to myself–I just wont put this in the blog–no one will know, then I can just eat my regular diet food for the rest of the day, who will know.  I WILL KNOW–thats who.  After all I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing it for ME (well and to show my partner that anything she can do I can do better). Based on some online numbers I’m going to guess that between the fruit and the sandwich I had 550 calories, but really I have no clue.  It was good though.

So for dinner I had chicken noodle soup for 120 cals, a Dr. Praegers Broccoli pancake for 80 cals and a bag of seaweed snacks for 60 cals. After the gym I had a serving of cottage cheese and a small glass of wine making the day’s total about 1220 calories.


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