6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 4, Day 4/Day 25

AM–Kashi pumpkin spice bar-1 serving–coffee @ 90 cals

coffee again @ LA Mill 0 cals

Snacks–carrots and celery and a mini v8–60 cals

Lunch–Forage Chicken salad with Pita chips and Cucumber Mint Limade–I really have no idea but I will guess 450 cals because of the mayo and the pita chips

3pm SNACK–Brown Cow Creamy Coffee Yogurt–160 cals

5pm–went to the gym earlier today to get it out of the way

7pm made a roast (Whole Foods, Grass Fed Beef) a serving about the size of my fist with grilled onions and quinoa for dinner so thats 150 for the beef, 35 for the onions and about 150 cals for 1/4 cup quinoa  for 335 cals. I also had a glass of red wine for another 150 cals making it a 1245 calorie day total.


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