6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 4, Day 5/Day 26–man it feels like I have been doing this forever!

9AM–Kashi pumpkin spice bar–2 servings @ 180cals 

Coffee with splash of milk, followed by tea with splash of milk for 30 cals

AM Snack–Wallaby Organic Dulce de Leche Yogurt (soo gooooood) @ 150 cals which is featured here as a great snack!

12:40PM Bowl of Trader Joe’s Tomato Soup and 10 crackers for 310 cals

3pm Feeling drained–made myself a latte with 1 cup of milk 90 cals and ate a mountain of celery sticks 50 cals

6pm Dinner: I had some more of the roast from the other night with spaghetti squash and grilled onions, but then I didnt eat the spaghetti squash, mostly because I dont think I like it without massive amounts of butter and cheese on it. . .so dinner was about 200 calories, plus I had two glasses of wine (hey its friday. . .) so that makes it 500 cals.




After dinner we went out on an “adventure” we ended up sharing a samosa and a mini pizza on this adventure.  This pizza I know to be 340 cals total, so half of it would be 170 cals. I really have no idea about the samosa,  but lets call it 80 cals for half of it.  So today was 1560 calories total.


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