6 Weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 4, Day 7/Day 28

This morning was the Los Angeles AIDS Walk so I ended up waking up and running out of the house without eating but more alarmingly without my coffee!  When we got to the ride they were handing out some cereal samples, so I ate 60 calories of dry cereal, but still not coffee. The walk was 6.2 miles, which if you walk fast or run could be finished in a reasonable about of time but it took us about 3 and a half hours to finish.  Still it was a lot of fun, we ran into lots of friends and it actually felt like a pretty good workout in the end.  Afterwards they were handing out free bags of cheetoes so I downed another 130 calories–I havent had cheetoes in a while, man were they good.

So it was about 4pm and we were slowly driving out of the AIDS walk parking lot and when faced with the decision about where to get good food fast I decided on Islands

. . .which is not a place I go to often in fact my first visit there was just a few weeks ago, but the other walkers seemed to like the idea so we headed to the Beverly Hills Islands. So I got the regular cheese burger–with a turkey burger instead of regular and a diet coke–I’m going to guess that it was about 1000 calories –the regular burger was 1300 so I think subing out for turkey would cut it by about 300 cals, right?  who knows . . .

The problem with this is that it was only 5pm.  So after we cleaned the house, went grocery shopping (Guess where?) and got back home I knew I wouldnt make it the rest of the night without eating.  So I cracked open a pumpkin beer, thats totally the logical thing to do right?  and then I made one of the chicken breasts I had been marinating in the Island spice mix that I got in St. John last year–so good!  I also sliced up a yam that was sitting around and baked yam chips, it was a great fall dinner, paired –of course-with more pumpkin beer.  So lets say 200 for the chicken–it was a huge breast, 100 for the yam chips, and 450 for the beers, so thats 750 total for dinner! Ekk.  Today’s grand total comes to: 1940 cals! (I regret getting the turkey burger –should have just gone all out and had the beef.)


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