6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 5, Day 3/Day 31

So I already know that today is going to be a bad day.  I have a lunch date that involves an awesome meal with a heafty amount of calories guaranteed and we are going to an event with FREE FOOD AND DRINK those always kill me–I cant say no to free yummy stuff, but really why would anyone in their right mind say no to free yummy stuff even if they are on a “diet”??

8:30AM started off with my usual coffee, with a splash of milk today @ 30 cals and a Fiber One bar @ 130 cals for breakfast

Drinking orange flavored sparkling water, trying not to snack today. . .it sucks not to snack!

12:30 Lunch! So exciting. . .a contender for THE BEST SANDWICH IN LOS ANGELES

This sandwich is uber famous in LA, its been blogged about by KCRW, Los Anjealous, the delicious life,  and its on the holy sandwich grail: the Sandwich Report. Someone on the Livestrong site estimated 852 calories for this but it was on 7 grain, so since no one ever orders it on 7 grain I am not sure what to do with this estimate.  Other Italian subs from Jersey Mikes, Jimmy Johns, etc range from 330 to 950 for half a sub, so I am going to go right down the middle and say that half of this sandwich, without mayo, is probably about 640 calories.

3 PM Snack–Drinking tea from Lupicia, 2 rice cakes @ 35 each, mango creamsicle from Trader Joes @ 60 cals– 95 cals

8pm -11pm cocktails and appetizers.  The event was fun, we met some characters, saw some famous people, and mostly hung out within arms reach of the food. I had a beer, two cocktails, two mini cheese cakes, two mini quiches, and two handfuls of potato chips–I am going to estimate 700 total for all of this.  It wasnt really that good, not sure it was worth it, but then again it was free.

Today’s total: 1595 cals


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