6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 5, Day 4/Day 32

8AM awake and running around the house trying to pack up my stuff for my trip up to Berkeley later and I didnt get around to eating breakfast or making coffee grrrr.  So I stopped into my partners office and grabbed some coffee and a Reese’s Stick (AKA Halloween Candy) about 50 cals for breakfast before dashing off to my AM meeting–who didnt show up!?  So then I had another coffee.

1pm Trader Joe’s Chicken Mango Quinoa Salad @ 240 cals

Pirates Booty and a Coke Zero @140 cals

Plane–ginger ale–feeling icky thought it would make me feel better but I didnt end up drinking any of it

Dinner–1.5 fresh chicken tacos with nopales 450 cals @ this local all organic fresh from local farms taco place–YUM!

I also had 1 corona @ 150 nothing else would have washed down those tacos in the same way!

2 scoops of ice cream on a cone!!!!! which the internet tells me should be about 350 cals

. . .maybe I should have skipped that second scoop, but it was soooo gooood. After that it was off to bed to get my beauty rest!

@ the Shattuck Plaza Hotel Berkeley.  Total Calories for the Day: 1380 cals


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