6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 5, Day 5/Day 33

So I have been feeling terrible the past few days, like I have muscle aches, sudden chills, and just feel like I am going to die randomly and I cant seem to figure out if there is any correlation. . .other than this diet.  Could 6 weeks of 1200 calories be catching up to me??  Could whatever micronutrients I’m missing be making me have these symptoms??  I have no idea, but I cant stop now–I’m so close to the end!!!  Also, it ends on Thurs of next week just a few days shy of next week because we leave for the cruise on Friday 🙂

I woke up at 6:30 this morning on purpose so that I could work on some things before the conference since I wasnt sure that there would be time to get anything done during the day.  I got up, got dressed went down to the lobby of my lovely hotel and got some complimentary coffee with a bit of cream @ 30 cals.  I went back up to my room and worked while I listened the shark attack news!

So when I got to the conference I had a fruit plate for breakfast and you guessed it ANOTHER coffee–black.  The fruit plate was probably about 70 cals. I was invited to have lunch with the other conference participants at this very nice restaurant up the street, unfortunately I didnt get to take pictures or get the name of the place (I was sitting next to Nancy Scheper-Hughes and too embarrassed to whip out my camera and have to explain all of this to her and the others at the table. )  So the menu had an amazing selection but I decided to go with the lamb steak, a bold move for a conference lunch, but my boldness was matched by the two sitting next to me, both NSH and my friend to my right order the lamb steak after I did.  It was wonderful, cooked med-rare to perfection, served with a creme friache, quinoa, roasted cherry tomatoes and a herb sauce.  it was perfect!  My only complaint is that they never brought me my drink, but they did get slammed with huge party of somewhat rude academics at lunch time so I guess I can understand.  So lamb steak has about 150 calories per 8 oz serving, but I know this was cooked in butter and plus it was served with creme friache and an oil based herb sauce so I am going to say that the dish was closer to 400 calories total. Wish I had taken a photo it was so beautiful.

The afternoon portion of the conference was great!  After the afternoon portion we all walked up the street to a lovely reception with champagne and appetizers.  I had a small glass of champagne for round of toasts and a mini empanada, 1/4 of a bean and cheese quesadilla, and a mini tacquito de pollo, I am guessing that the appetizers were about 200 calories total and the champagne was around 150 so thats 350 for the reception.  I was actually totally full afterwards so when we all moved on to a restaurant for dinner afterwards I didnt order but just had two beers 🙂  Beer for dinner yay! @ 370 cals. Then on my way back I couldnt resist it and I got another ice cream cone–this time with only one scoop of pumpkin ice cream, sooo good @ 150 cals. Then I went back to my nice bed, did some work and fell asleep.  Today’s total: 1370 cals.


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