6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 5, Day 6/Day 34

I had to leave for the airport around 9am so I checked out a bit early to try and grab some breakfast–my plan was to go to Walgreens and get a box of Fiber One bars, but it wasnt open yet!  So I had to go to Starbucks, the only thing that was open, I already had my coffee so I got an orange juice and a croissant, I drank the OJ @ 140 cals but didnt feel well so I didnt eat the croissant and just when I was feeling better I went to go eat it and a subway police man yelled at me and said I couldnt have food in the paid areas of the train, so I had to throw it out 😦  Oh well.

When I got to the airport about an hour later I got a banana @ 110 cals.  I also bought a garden salad with Newmans Balsamic Vinagrette to eat on the plane–I’m estimating about 250 for the salad since it was huge, it probably had 3.5 cups of lettuce, it also had carrot shavings, 5 grape tomatoes, and five cucumber slices–the dressing was 150 and I had to use it all because without it this salad was super boring.  SO thats 510 total at the airport.

When I got home we had to run around town running errands–my partner just bought a fancy new bike for the AIDS lifecycle so there was a lot of running around LA to get that done.  The next thing I knew it was 7pm and I was very hungry.  We decided to go for Ethiopian–which looks like its super healthy and it is healthy but its not low calorie.  The injera bread is the bulk of what you eat, and someone here said its only 100 calories per 14 inch sheet, I find this hard to believe, but here they said its like 160 so I am going to go with that — I actually ate two sheets so thats 380 calories.  We got the Veggie Combo and Yegeb Tibs.  The Tibs are probably about 300 calories per cup since they are just beef and onion grilled.  The veggie sauces have lots of butter and sugar in them, at least the recipes that I have made at home call for that, but still they are mostly lentil and veggie based so I think they’re probably about 350-400 a cup.  So I probably had half a cup of the veggies and about a cup of the beef plus the injera so I am going to estimate about 880 calories for the dinner, plus I had an Ethiopian Harar Beer @ about 200 calories.

So the day’s total was about 1730 calories, oh well, it was poorly planned.  At least I didnt eat that croissant, that would have pushed me over 2000 calories.  Again, sorry no pics today 😦


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