6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 5, Day 7/Day 35

I woke up this morning at 8AM because my mom called.  So I made coffee and talked her for two hours.  I had to get off the phone because my partner wanted to go for a ride on her new bike. So I quickly changed and we got on the bikes and headed to the LA River trail.

LA River Trail

Midway to the trail I realized that I hadnt eaten breakfast, but luckily last nights dinner seemed to get me through, glad I ate all that injera!  When I got home I was all distracted and ended up not eating until 2pm–I heating up some Hoppin John and a chicken breast for a lunch of about 400 calories. Then I realized its good that I havent eaten much today because we are going to the Wrap Party for Showtime’s Dexter where there is an open bar, dinner and appetizers.

The rest of the afternoon I was at a neighborhood cleanup organized by a local Rabbi.

Its so hard to figure out what I ate at these things, or at least what is in what I ate, but here is the list with my caloric estimate:

1 vodka tonic @ 150

2 mini kobe beef slider @ 200 x2=400

2 mozzarella tomato zucchini wrap @ 70 x2=140

1 crab cake with sauce @ 250

2 vodka cranberries @ 150 each=300

1 Stella beer=150

Then the actual dinner was:

2 slices of beef steak =150

1/4 c salad=70

Crab Cakes

1/4 c roasted corn=90

1/4 c cooked spinach=90

and a whole wheat roll=110


So total for the event was about 1900 calories, eek! So the day’s total was about 2300 calories, which is bad, but look how happy I am 🙂




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