6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 6, Day 2/Day 30 something

8:30AM coffee, and one sunny side up egg with a Morning Star meatless maple flavored sausage patty @ 180 calories for both

I had a totally hectic day of driving back and forth across LA today, so I packed up the car with all of my food/snacks.  Before heading into the High School class where I was working I downed a mini V8 @ 30 cals. and as soon as I came out I had a Roasted Seaweed Snack Pack @ 60 cals.

Had there not been an accident I would have had time for a real lunch on the way to my next meeting, but I was stuck on the 10, so I grabbed a Fiber One bar  @ 130 cals and that was my lunch.  After the 2 hour meeting at UCLA I grabbed some coffee, thinking there was no way I could do any work without it, but I still didnt get any work done anyway.  I also had a banana @ 110 cals. Around 4pm I had a small spinach salad with goat cheese, almonds, and onion with dressing I think it was probably about 350 cals.

Then I made the mistake of trying to go to the gym.  I couldnt do anything without feeling like I was going to pass out, so I ended up on the bike most of the time, which is basically like not working out at all, so I should have just gone home.  If I didnt have just two more days left of this diet crap I would quit right now, seriously even lifting weights made me feel like I was going to keel over and die, this is not good. Afterwards I went home and had a Beef tenderloin filet with lavender salt and a piece of bread for about 350 cals total.  Today’s total was: 1210 cals.


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