6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 6, Day 3/Day 39

8:30 Black coffee and a Fiber One Bar @ 130 cals, eating to live but living to drink coffee, coffee is my higher power.

I have no idea what I did all day today, but I didnt involve moving from my seat at all.

1pm Lunch–Turkey Sandwich– 2 slices of bread (150cals), 2 oz turkey (60 cals), 1 oz low fat cheese (60 cals), lots of alfalfa sprouts (negligible cals)–LOVE sprouts– lunch total 270 cals.

3pm SNACK–1 apple (50 cals) with 2 tbsp Smart Balance Omega 3 peanut butter @ 200 cals for 250 cals

4pm 2 wasa crackers @ 70 cals

6pm Dinner I had a Trader Joe’s Tom Yom Soup with Spinach Dumplings @ 240 cals and finished off the coconut milk ice cream @ 170 cals

So I think that’s 1130 cals for the day!  and no workout so I didnt feel like death at all.  Great!


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