Save the Hollywood Farmers Market!

After almost four years living in LA I finally found a place to buy food that satisfied my need for variety, sustainable growing/transporting processes, and my price point: The Hollywood Farmers Market–first recommended to me by my lovely friend Eve.  Its at the corner of on Ivar from Sunset to Hollywood on Sunday mornings.  Unlike other LA farmers markets they dont tend to run out of stuff, things are not grossly over priced, and the people who shop there are mostly interested in fresh produce and not prepared foods to eat there (although you can get that there too).  I was just falling in love with Pat the Bison lady, and Carol with the pineapple guava who to my dismay I say a horrendous sign that said “This is the last week of the Hollywood Farmers market,”  taking my eyes off of the fresh produce for a moment I noticed the reporters and the mobs of people trying to sign petitions to save the market.  Its been there are that same intersection for TWENTY Years!  and the city doesnt want to renew its permits to close down the streets (for five hours on Sundays) because they argue that the businesses around the area need parking/access.  Arrggg!  I dont even think most of the buisnesses open until after 11am on Sundays anyway, and what about the benfits of the market itself dont they draw shoppers and create awareness about the businesses!?

Anyway here’s some pics of my shwag from this week and dont forget about my last post on the Hollywood Farmers Market.  Link to these pages to learn more:


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