My First Raised Beds

This is an old post that was inadvertently left in my drafts.

From July:

This weekend I finally got to get started on my dream gardening project.  Here is a picture of our yard before.  We feel so lucky to have a space where we can grown our own food.  The previous owners used cardboard and mulch to organically kill the weeds that had taken over the yard.  The mulch has been sitting for 2-3 years and its now a great time to plant on top of it.  Eventually the mulch will breakdown and become like compost for the garden.


My initial dreams for the space was to just plant it all as a huge garden, but for many reasons I have decided that raised beds are the way to go.  First of all, they are actually cheaper and we will loose less soil to run off.  Second of all, they keep diseases and fungus contained to only one part of the garden and thus easier to get rid of.  Third, I got some advice from a fellow Mom gardener–Judy– that with kids its always better to start small and scale up if you find that you have time.


I took out a lot of the red apple plant that was taking over the front, that was pretty hard work.


This is me, looking super dorky, putting in the first raised bed.  It was very easy to build the bed, the hard part and the expensive part was buying the soil.  Another reason I am hard at work on getting a good compost started, so that the next raised bed wont cost us so much!!


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