6 weeks @ 1200 cals

Week 2, Day 5/Day 12

After eating all that bread and cheese last night I was not hungry at all this morning.  So all I had in the morning was coffee with a splash of milk for 10 cals. I really need to get a handle on this loading up all my calories in the evenings thing and then not being hungry by day.  I also need to seriously figure out how to only eat 1200 calories and also eat generally healthy food with actual nutrients. . .not just fat/alcohol/air.

11:30 AM Snack–1 cup of the french lentil dish with a sprinkle of cheese– 120 calories.

1:30 Lunch–I made a huge salad with 2 cups of butterhead lettuce (14 cals), 10 cherry heirloom tomatoes (about 40 cals), 5 carrots (50 cals), 1/4 cup of tuna (80), 1 persian cucumber (18), 1 tbsp of sun dried tomatoes (40), and 1 tbsp of ranch dressing(70) –I regretted the sundried tomatoes and ranch dressing, the flavors were off.  The salad total was 312 cals, but I couldnt eat it all probably because of the sun dried tomato/ranch flavor, so I only ate like half so about 156 cals. . .I think.

Then I had a Reduced Guilt Brownie for 120 cals and then an hour later I had another one. . .120 more cals.

For dinner I made a serving of Whole Wheat pasta with some sauce that I concocted out of heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, capers, and olive tapenade.  It was really yummy.  Half a serving of pasta @ 210 calories, plus 10 for the tomatoes, 10 for the mushrooms, 15 for the capers and 25 for the tapenade makes this a 270 calorie dinner, yay!

Post dinner and post gym, it was off to Silverlake for another evening of birthday party fun.  First stop Barbarella,  where I had some delicious fruity beer that I cant remember the name of but based on a quick review of this handy list I am going to estimate 170 calories for this fruity goodness. After one beer we moved on to Little Temple bar/club where I had two Blue Moons (170 each) and a Gin and Tonic (170) while alternating between dancing in the Latin music room and the hip hop room.  I like this place–It was really fun!  So the nights booze total comes to 680 calories, which is a lot for the day especially because I know I am going to drink a lot while camping.  Maybe I should take this person’s advice on how to cut out some drinking calories from my life. Hey. . .at least I resisted those bacon wrapped hot dogs that they were selling outside the club, right? Today’s total = 1476 calories.


Just a regular 400 calorie Trader Joe’s dinner

Sometimes we want eating dinner to just be something simple without a lot of production, but not quite as simple as take out or just popping something in the microwave.  My partner and I eat simple dinners most nights of the week usually featuring fish or chicken, a veggie, and a starch.  Last night we had Red Quinoa , Petite Peas, and pre-marinated fish –all from Trader Joe’s.  I cooked the Red Quinoa in the rice cooker–just add one part quinoa to two parts water.  The quinoa took the longest–about 20 minutes.I threw the frozen peas into a pot with about 2 cups of water and cooked them on the stove.  The peas were done within 10 minutes.  

The fish–Mahi Mahi– needed to be cooked for 7 minutes/side–I had to cook the bigger piece for a few more minutes and it turned out perfectly soft and juicy and very flavorful.  If you eat half of a piece of fish– about 1/4 of whats in the package –with half a cup of quinoa and 3/4 of a cup of peas this dinner is just around 400 calories and still very filling!