Two Martinis and an Oki Dog

After posting that super healthy 400 calorie TJs dinner I had one of those nights where there just isnt enough time to do everything. I had a friend’s birthday party starting at 6 but by 7:30 I hadnt eaten dinner or gone to the gym yet.  I decided not to give up on the gym and went for an hour from 7:30-8:30.  Then I rushed home, changed, and we in West Hollywood by 9.  The bar had overpriced food and delicious martinis so I started with a dirty grey goose martini with three olives–my bff Tina’s signature drink.

Lola's Dirty Grey Goose Martini

The first martini was delightful, I drank it too fast though, probably because I was hungry and thirsty after the gym.  Since all the martini’s at Lolas are ten dollars I decided to go for a speciality dessert martini for the second one–a key lime pie martini.  

As I was worshiping every sip of my martini a group of thirty-somethings sat down next to us and ordered 2 martinis each and about 15 patron shots–they shared the round of shots and told me that they do this every Thursday, they even hire a driver for their Thursday escapades.  My friends all ordered the Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup but I decided to hold out for Oki Dog Fairfax–which is just across the street and has been on my LA dining to-do list for years!

Sorry I dont have a better pic of the Oki Dog itself . . .I guess I was just too excited to eat it after waiting all night!