6 weeks @ 1200 calories

Week 1, Day 4

9AM: Breakfast–cup of coffee with splash of milk 10 cals

two fried eggs— 180cals

11AM: Snack–Banana 105 cals

12PM feeling kind of light headed and having trouble focusing on my work, maybe that means I havent had enough carbs yet today?  I decided to eat lunch in two parts and started with the rest of the Organic Tomato Bisque soup that I ate yesterday as well= 13o Cals.

1:30PM–ate a salad that I created myself with 2 cups of lettuce, 1/4 cup corn, 1/4 cup tuna, 1/4 bean sprouts, 5 grape tomatoes, no dressing=112 cals

the salad was good, not super duper delicious but good. . .but when I was eating it the strangest thing happened–every time a swallowed a bite I got chills and shivers all over my body.  This might be due to the fact that I dont really like tomatoes or tuna (although both have been slowly growing on me in recent years) but it was such a strange bodily reaction to the salad.  Thoughts??

SNACK:  I went to Peet’s and had a pot of Oolong tea with a splash of nonfat milk–10cals

One piece of WASA Light Rye Crispbread–I love this stuff, but usually I eat the whole wheat ones which have 45 cals each, these light ones have 30 each but they are thinner so that stinks. I also decided to put apple slices on it to add something.   100cals

Dinner:  @ 6pm I had Half of the half of a leftover Calzone from Tuesday–so 1/4 calzone. . .which would be 205 cals

Then I went to the gym for an hour and came back and ate the other half of the calzone for another 205 cals

and I finished the evening off with a Trader Joe’s French Village Chocolate Nonfat Yogurt @ 150 cals for a GRAND TOTAL of 1207 cals


6 weeks @ 1200 calories

Week 1, Day 3


9AM–coffee with a splash of milk 10 cals–thats a pic of my fav coffee mug on the right–>

Erin, Me, and Martina circa 2006

I did that thing again where I forget to eat breakfast. . .I was updating the blog and working on one of my side gigs for $$ and the next thing I knew it was 11:55AM so I just had a morning snack.

SNACK: Banana 105 Cals


1:30PM –bowl of Trader Joe’s Organic Tomato Bisque soup –1 Serving–130 cals

1 Trader Joe’s Chicken and Cheese Tamale–120 cals

Snack: Apple 80 cals

5:30PM My stomach is growling, and its very loud. . .but I have to hold out because we are going to free cocktails and h’ orderves at the Beverly Hilton tonight and I cant possibly not take advantage of that. . .I guess I will drink more water.


Do cocktails and h’ orderves count as dinner?  I would normally eat before such an occasion, something light but I would still eat.  What does everyone else do when they know they are going to face two hours of cocktails and h’ orderves from 7-9pm?  To eat dinner or not to eat dinner?

Here’s what I consumed:  I’m calling this 500 calories, I really have no idea how many calories it would be, but 500 seems fair. Plus I had a glass of wine about 150 cals worth. So the grand TOTAL is. . .1095 and I dont feel like I’m going to die. Amazing!

For the future of this six weeks I need to incorporate foods that have more nutrient density in them or else my hair is going to start to fall out!  Here’s some stuff that I checked out while I was writing this post. . .Finding the best diet for you. I also accidentally stumbled upon all of these “pro-ana” thats pro-anorexia websites which I refuse to repost here and am freaked out by the fact that my internet searches are turning up such things!

Two Martinis and an Oki Dog

After posting that super healthy 400 calorie TJs dinner I had one of those nights where there just isnt enough time to do everything. I had a friend’s birthday party starting at 6 but by 7:30 I hadnt eaten dinner or gone to the gym yet.  I decided not to give up on the gym and went for an hour from 7:30-8:30.  Then I rushed home, changed, and we in West Hollywood by 9.  The bar had overpriced food and delicious martinis so I started with a dirty grey goose martini with three olives–my bff Tina’s signature drink.

Lola's Dirty Grey Goose Martini

The first martini was delightful, I drank it too fast though, probably because I was hungry and thirsty after the gym.  Since all the martini’s at Lolas are ten dollars I decided to go for a speciality dessert martini for the second one–a key lime pie martini.  

As I was worshiping every sip of my martini a group of thirty-somethings sat down next to us and ordered 2 martinis each and about 15 patron shots–they shared the round of shots and told me that they do this every Thursday, they even hire a driver for their Thursday escapades.  My friends all ordered the Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup but I decided to hold out for Oki Dog Fairfax–which is just across the street and has been on my LA dining to-do list for years!

Sorry I dont have a better pic of the Oki Dog itself . . .I guess I was just too excited to eat it after waiting all night!